A visualization of the breakup of liquid sheets.
The capture and tidal disruption of a star by a massive black hole
Continuum topology optimization under uncertainty; moving along the white arrow corresponds to higher demand for robustness
Surface vorticity distribution showing multi-scale eddies in the Kuroshio current. Larger meander is mesoscale and smaller eddies are sub-mesoscale.
Impact of a titanium alloy molten droplet onto a stainless steel substrate using a two-phase finite-volume simulation.
Faculty at the Center for Scientific Computing and Visualization Research.

The Center for Scientific Computing and Visualization Research at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth focuses on computationally-driven research that addresses the pressing needs of modern engineering, mechanics, fluid dynamics, and electromagnetics.

The research groups at the Center span a wide range of the applied sciences departments at UMassD, including

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Grants Hardware to the CSCVR
April 27 2016
The news can be found here
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HPC day to be held on May 17, 2016
April 25 2016
The center periodically holds conference showcasing compute intensive research at the UMass system. This year's version extends to several members of the MGHPCC.

Here is the conference webpage.
Interstellar Poster Image
Interstellar Event with Prof. Kip Thorne
March 26 2016
The Center for Scientific Computing and Visualization Research welcomes renowned physicist Dr. Kip Thorne on March 29. Sponsoring the event together with the departments of mathematics and physics, the center has arranged a series of events including a reception, mini-lectures, and a panel discussion. See the poster for more details.

Dr. Thorne, the Feynman Professor of Theoretical Physics, Emeritus at Caltech, is the originator and guiding hand of the 2014 blockbuster movie Interstellar. The movie is based on black holes and spatial wormholes which are the focus research areas of a few center affiliates'. Dr. Thorne will join UMass Dartmouth Physics faculty Robert Fisher, David Kagan, Gaurav Khanna, Richard Price, and School for Marine Science & Technology (SMAST) Professor Geoff Cowles in the Claire T. Carney Library Stoico/FIRSTFED Charitable Foundation Grand Reading Room at 4:30 p.m. for a reception followed by a series of talks at 5 p.m. and a panel discussion at 6 p.m. on the science of Interstellar. The night ends with a screening of the movie Interstellar at 7pm.

Read the full UMassD news release.